Dear Someone, or my story about Printed Matter

There is a snapshot-preview of my final project. To open real size document – scroll all the way down. Download: Dear Someone  


I choose Kindle! Even without reading all that articles about ebook readers versus other electronic devices, such as IPads. I stop on Kindle. First of all, among all variety of the ebook readers,… Continue reading

Offset printing process

It doesn’t matter how many articles and books you read about offset printing, how many videos you’ve watched. Of course, you can memorize the entire process, but nothing can be better to feel… Continue reading

Visual quote


1. I would like to start with invention of paper making process by Tsai Lun. It happened in China in 105 AD. Without this we can’t talk about history of print. Next important… Continue reading

2012 Hyundai Azera “Modern Life”

Ad. agency: Innocean Worldwide Creative directors: Robert Prins, Max Godsil Art director: Frauke Tiemann Copywriter: Kevin Samuels Agency producer: Helen Erb Director: Wes Anderson via Moxie Pictures Client: Hyundai Product: Hyundai Azera 2012 Wes Anderson… Continue reading

Complimentary colors

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The printing press

Nowadays, people love to read, and read a lot. They read everywhere (subway, coffee shops, in a park on a bench) and all the time (early morning, late afternoon, or midnight). In our… Continue reading


    The Big DayMay 22nd, 2012
    The big day is here.